About us

Lazaridis Bros is activated in the wholesale and retail trade of accessories of refrigeration as well as in the construction of condensing units. The main products concern industrial, commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Lazaridis Bros, after so many years of a dynamic presence in the Greek market, has accomplished the exclusivity of products that is considered leading world wide. Also, with the know-how that provides, the technical cover that it offers, it is in place to select the more suitable products for concrete use depending on the peculiarity of projects, always covering the customer’s requirements and needs.

Our activities extend in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, as well as in the Balkans, in countries as Serbia, Albania and Bulgaria.

The necessity of modern way of life prompts the constructors of foods to observe strict specifications according to international laws of quality. For the observation of the above laws it is required the use of high technology applications. Our activities take place in this way, placing as new base the use of high and specialized technology of refrigeration contributing thus to high quality of humans living standards.

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